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When talking about all the weirdness we have in common
it felt so right.
I guess just a little to right!
I think i got carried away just a bit to much.
But yesterday i said all there was to say
and i should be relieved?
Which i am...
I'm just waiting for it all to sink in.
The thing i don't understand is this:
Why does it always feel right for me, but not the other way around?
Is this a vicious circle of misunderstanding?
Cause when it is... i want out!!
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peaceful peaceful
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I was a teenage satan worshipper ~ Hello bubbles
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" All i need to hear is that your not mine"

Is that sooo freaking difficult??!

Hmm, this is my being mad at the universe,
instead of being sad!

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Be your own pet ` Heart Throb
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I may eat tomatoes and  bananas again!
I see a mountain of opportunities here for dishes to be created!
Kitchen, here i come...

I decided i'm only going to post happy things,
while this entire livejournal has been me being heartbroken constantly.
NO MORE me being the semi depressed girl.

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crazy crazy
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I Was a Teenage SatanWorshipper ``Boys are pigs
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There is this song which i hate,
but the lyrics explain so accurately how i feel
that it keeps wondering around in my head.

... " When your dreaming with a broken hart,
the waking up is the hardest part.
You roll outta bed and down on your knees
And for a moment you can hardly breathe
Wondering was he really here? " ... 

It's a week ago...
... but it's still leaving my totally and utterly confused!
Better already though!

Me bee pixxie!Collapse )

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morose morose
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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ` Weapon of Choice
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" Absurd, my obsession....
... with someone new.
Don't feel like someone new
The connection is real with someone new

In this tomb i call love
I get so lonesome with you
or without you sweetheart
The hellhound's here

Hallucinate my love... " 
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confused confused
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The Raveonettes
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"... Listen,
I may have given you the wrong impression..."

Hmm, story of my life! :(
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exhausted and confused
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We are scientists ` Spoken for
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Major nervous breakdown yesterday night
It had been a while since i cried my eyes out!
I still hate the fact that he gets to me.
When he's not around it's all good.
But every time i see him
i get so freaking fucking emotional.. hate that argghh hate that! !
There's probably other stuff which didn't make it any easier!
I have to start with new medicine
and i'm a little freak out by it.
My laptop dies slowly and i don't have any money to buy a new one!
It's probably gonna get better....
... always nice to write some stuff down on lj!
Plus i can always watch Ally McBeal, best serie everrr!
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Tilly and the Wall
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I wish i wasn't so predictable...
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weird weird
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Kings of Leon ~ Use Somebody
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If only I had the right words to say to keep this journal alive!
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drunk drunk
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Ryan Adams
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Been driving from Roosendaal till the end of the world...
... but totally worth it!
Cause i got my Lowlands ticket!
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relieved relieved
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Glastonbury ~ the Verve
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